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Heng Steel Group was established in 2005, is a large iron and steel enterprise in the north of China. There are four iron and steel enterprises in China. It’s an anti corrosion, acid resistance, abrasion resistance, weathering China institute member units. It’s also a R & D center and test base of the coating process. In the Galvanized and Pre-painted field keep the leading in the field. Company is leader in the PVDF Pre-painted aluminium field.

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  • The manufacturing industry with the largest carbon emission is definitely a leader in the iron and steel industry. China has been promoting the “double carbon” policy, continuously promoting environmental protection and energy conservation in the iron and steel industry, and making ne...
  • Under the envelope of the epidemic, China’s steel industry has ushered in both business opportunities and challenges. Recently, according to our company’s statistics, the demand for galvanized coils, galvanized coils, and color-coated coils has greatly increased. The quality of steel coils ...