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Ferro Heng Group MMV institutum est res ampla ferrum ferro ab aquilone et elit. Ferrum et chalybs conatibus quatuor elit. Est anti et corrosio resistentiam acidum, abrasione inveniens resistentiam, tempestas Sinis Institute membrum augent. Est R & D et centrum basis et test cutis ad processum. In Pre-stibio et galvanized ut in agrum ducens in agro. Pre-pictis aluminium pvdf comitatu est princeps in agro.

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  • For the steel market, the extraordinary May is finally over. The price of Hebei Tangshan steel billet on May 1 was 4,990 yuan/ton, and on May 31, the price was 5,000 yuan/ton. Although there was only a fluctuation of 10 yuan/ton from the beginning to the end, the market fluctuations during the pe...
  • Last week, the prices of major domestic raw materials have risen, while the fuel market has fallen. The price of iron ore rose sharply, mainly due to the better demand from steel mills and the overall tightness of port spot resources. The short-term market is still relatively strong; the coke mar...