List of (complete!) bills introduced in the 219th Legislative Council

S51 Singer, R/Diegnan, P+2 The Impact of Medicaid Reimbursement Rates on Nursing Homes – estab comm Study Impact REF SHH
S52 Singer, R/Greenstein, L+2 Drug Overdose Fatality Review Team – Establishment of REF SHH in counties across the state
S56 Singer,R/Kean,T+2 Code Blue alert-req When Natl Weather Svc predicts 32 degrees Fahrenheit or lower REF SLP
S57 Singer,R/Kean,T Code Blue alert-auth to provide credential health and social services to at-risk individuals REF SHH
S58 Singer,R/Singleton,T Home and Community Services – Med Asst & Health Svcs of Div. Meet resid req REF SHH
S60 Singer, R/Singleton, T Military Pro Bono Program – Provides Legal Representation, Active Duty Military REF SMV
S61 Singer,R/Singleton,T Prof lic/Application Fee – Concerned Spouse/Dependents of Active Duty Military REF SMV
S63 Singer, R/Kean, T Bar.sch Teachers and Students with Autism – Registered Behavior Technician Certificate REF SED
S64 Singer, R/Scutari, N+1 Charlie’s Law – Prescription Drugs and Drugs – Provide Disposition Information REF SHH
S67 Singer,R NJWELL Program – Requires State Health Benefits Newsletter.Advertise and review REF SHH annually
S69 Singer,R/Cunningham,S Buying Textbooks – No Sales Tax Exemption REF SED to File
S71 Bateman,C Driver’s Licence Clarification Suspension Period Still Valid Until REF SLP Reinstated
S72 Bateman, C Farm brewery & winery-brewery Drink lic. – Approved to produce hard cider REF SLP
S74 Bateman, C/Smith, B Honey or native beehive – req. Pesticide applicator notice, apply REF SEN within 3 miles
S76 Bateman, C+1 Opioid Antidote – School Nurses Manage Overdose Victims on School Property REF SHH
S79 Bateman,C/Turner,S Continuing care Retirement Community – Limited time for refund of admission fee REF SHH
S80 Bateman,C/Smith,B+1 Pollinator Habitat on Farms – CBT and Income Tax Credit for Farmers REF SEN
S81 Bateman,C/Greenstein,L Pollinator Habitat, Native, REF SEN to Taxpayers on Undeveloped Property Provincial CBT Credit
S82 Bateman, C/Greenstein, L+1 Pollinator Habitat, Qualified Local CBT Credit for Utilities Development REF SEN
S84 Bateman, C/Greenstein, L+1 Timothy J. Piazza’s Legal Bullying; Clarification of Conduct, Including Coercive alco.Consumption REF SJU
S85 Bateman, C+1 Drug Overdose Act Clarifies Drug/Health Practitioner Distribution of Opioid Antidote REF SHH
S86 Bateman, C+1 School Safety and Security Requirements All Public School Law Enforcement Officers REF SLP
S87 Bateman, C/Kean, T+1 Affordable Housing Reform Process; Repeal Statewide Non-Residents.Development Fee Act REF SCU
S89 Bateman, C/Gopal, V Horse – Authorized to create special license plates and National Animal REF STR
S91 Bateman, C/Xiaocheng, R+1 Circular Flow Improvement Working Group – Establishment; Challenges of Recycling Program REF SEN
S93 Bateman, C/Corrado, K Environmental Infrastructure Project – Licensed to NJ Infra.Bank Loan REF SEN
S94 Gill, N/Rice, R+16 Democracy Act – Establishment; Amends various voter registration and voting procedures REF SSG
S95 Gill,N/Ruiz,M Teacher Loan Redemption Program – Assist State Student Loan Program REF SED
S96 Gill,N/Weinberg,L Charter School Application – Provides Local Board of Education with Approval Authority REF SED
S103 Gill,N/Codey,R+2 Destructive Device – Modified definition includes weapons of 50 caliber or greater REF SLP
S105 Gill,N/Turner,S+1 Optical Scanning Voting System – Requires replacement of all voting machines before REF SSG 2018
S109 Gill, N/Ruiz, M+1 Auto Insurance Coverage – No Use of Education/Occupation as Rating Factor REF SCM
S111 Gill, N/Ruiz, M+1 Auto Insurance Underwriting – proh. Using Education, Career and Credit Score REF SCM
S113 Gill,N/Gopal,V Sexual Orientation in Adults – Attempts to Ban Mental Health Professors.change REF SHH
S120 Holzapfel, J+2 Firearm, Heavy Penalty, Minor Entry Causes Death REF SLP
S121 Holzapfel, J+1 Ret Income – Double amount that may be excluded from gross income under Income Tax REF SBA
S124 Holzapfel, J Flood Insurance – Requiring insurance companies to provide certain information to policyholders REF SCM
S127 Holzapfel, J Alcohol, Education, Rehabilitation and Law Enforcement Funds – Revised Distribution.Funding REF SLP
S128 Holzapfel, J Petroleum Products Gross Revenue Tax – Excludes Certain Rail Projects REF STR
S130 Holzapfel, J Sexually violent predators – low-level competition.rate, the same level as prisoners, instit.Working Reference SLP
S136 Holzapfel, J Street Paving, Qualified Private Community – Gate.Need to repay REF SCU
S137 Holzapfel, J Public Official/Employee, Officially Charged with Offense Suspended, No Wages and Benefits REF SSG
S139 Holzapfel,J State schaid reduction-prev dist Equilibrium value REF SED reduction
S140 Holzapfel, J St schaid-incl for calculating the value of duty-free props in the valuation of REF SED
S141 Holzapfel, J Court Rejected, Prejudice, Notice of Civil Action Filed REF SJU in Proof
S142 Holzapfel, J Ocean County School Student Transportation Pilot Project – Established 3 Year REF SED
S144 Cardinale, G/Weinberg, L Child Abuse, False Reporting – Making a Crime; Allows Assessment of Penalties REF SBA
S146 Cardinale,G/Kean,T+1 Homestead Property Tax – Increase Maximum Total Income Tax Relief REF SBA
S147 Cardinale, G/Scutari, N+2 Blood Donation – Gross Income Tax Credit for Certain Taxpayers REF SHH
S148 Cardinale, G/Pou, N+15 Consumers are exempt from unnecessary charges in the Health Insurance Coverage Act REF SCM

Post time: Mar-22-2022