The development trend of steel coil in China’s steel industry

Under the envelope of the epidemic, China’s steel industry has ushered in both business opportunities and challenges. Recently, according to our company’s statistics, the demand for galvanized coils, galvanized coils, and color-coated coils has greatly increased. The quality of steel coils can meet the demand of steel coils at this time. The so-called demand exceeds supply. In mid-August, the Chinese government issued new regulations, which have significantly strengthened the industry’s binding force. The steel industry has implemented production restrictions in recent years. For example, the Tangshan City Government of China issued a “Notice on Production Restriction Work”, and extensively inspect whether the emissions meet the national standards, and the steel industry that does not meet the requirements is restricted or closed. According to data released by the World Steel Association, in July 2021, China’s steel production was about 86.8 million tons, a year-on-year decrease of 8.4%, but still accounted for 53.68% of the total global steel production. China’s steel production is huge, and its share in the world is huge.

Not long ago, China canceled some steel tax rebates. Coupled with the control of domestic demand, it is expected that steel production will continue to decline in the future, and thevolume of steel coil production will drop significantly. In the current situation that the demand for steel coil is still on the rise, the price of steel coil in China May continue to rise.

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Post time: Aug-26-2021